Why Intimate Wear is Important for Your Sex Life

When we get down to lovemaking, there aren’t many clothes left. Mother naked and exposed – that’s the most popular state for having sex. But we’re still encouraged to have a set of sexy intimate wear… So, what for? There are actually many benefits of wearing some seducing lingerie and underwear, and here are some of them!

Boosting self-confidence

There aren’t many people who love how they look naked, and having sex can make anyone uncomfortable, especially with a new partner or when you’re too critical of your self-image. Intimate lingerie for women and underwear for men is designed specifically to solve this problem and present our bodies in the most appealing way, which consequently raises self-esteem.

Intriguing the partner

We’re sure your partner enjoys your body as it is, but occasional dress-ups can create a new intimate setting for both of you. Let your partner look at you at a different angle, add some intrigue to your foreplay. By the way, besides seductive lingerie and underwear, you can also add kinky costumes or nipple covers and rings – don’t be afraid to create a different look for your night of pleasures!

Increasing the desire

Finally, sexy innerwear will likely make both you and your partner want to get down to it more than usually. And it is especially important at the times like this. A research shown that lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions made a huge impact on the sexual health of people living in Australia, with 53.5% people reporting having sex less.

With the previously mentioned factors, we’re sure tempting intimate apparel will increase sexual desire of both parties. And even if you can’t show your sexy underwear to your partner in person due to restrictions, you can still treat them with some revealing pictures!

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